Our Process

No one nationwide understands the frustrations of navigating the governmental and statutory waters of building large-scale student data systems for state education agencies, charter groups or local education entities like EdWise does.

As pioneers in the student data and finance systems space, let EdWise take out the guesswork and remove the stress of figuring everything on your own.

Why EdWise?​

In recent years, there has been a collective national effort towards creating data standards in education, led first and foremost by the Ed-Fi standards. Several states in the country have implemented Ed-Fi standards to reduce redundant data collections while also providing much-needed analytical tools to decision-makers with the aim of developing policies that benefit students, educators and stakeholders who impact student growth.

Since that movement’s inception, EdWise has been at the forefront of devising solutions for educational entities. With a combined century of educational and government experience on EdWise’s team, the group’s leaders became nationally recognized for being the first in the country to utilize their signature strategy to innovatively customize Ed-Fi standards to meet a state’s specific statutory needs.

Our Secret Sauce

Not only will schools and states receive the insights and experiences of award-winning technologists, but they will receive a former state CIO and two former state CTOs who have faced nearly every education technology issue in their careers. 

EdWise understands the economic, statutory and logistical challenges educators face better than most, which makes the company the ideal partner for all technology issues. 

Why We Do This

EdWise knows what it’s like to start a multi-year education technology project from scratch. When you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s difficult to pinpoint where roadblocks will occur and challenges will arise.

The beauty of going through that ourselves is that we can pass along our expertise and solutions to you. This is why we are in business. EdWise already went through the struggle so you can avoid it.

Our Promise

While EdWise’s industry-leading prowess at implementing Ed-Fi ODS/API on Microsoft Azure at a state education agency surpasses any other consulting firms, its culture of integrity, pragmatism, empowerment, consideration and flexibility makes it the ideal partner for any state.

As a company that is devoted to education, the EdWise team would be grateful to provide the lessons it learned through its immense collective experience with these implementations and create roadmaps for other entities and states.

Contact us now for a free consultation and learn how EdWise can meet your education organization’s needs