About Us

Why EdWise?

EdWise is the nation’s premier company for creating and implementing customized large and small-scale student data solutions so officials can spend their time leading, educators can spend their time teaching and tech directors can spend their time solving problems. EdWise builds systems and applications with flexible foundations so you can change or build on top of them in perpetuity. 
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Meet the Founders

After working together for a decade as education technology leaders at the state agency level, the EdWise co-founders decided to partner together to offer their innovative solutions to states, school systems and charter networks nationwide. Learn more about the accomplishments of these national leaders in education technology by checking out their bios.

About the Team

At EdWise, the co-founders formed a dynamic team of talented education technology experts and began developing and implementing similar IT solutions for statewide education systems in other states. The EdWise Group is rapidly growing, consisting of employees handpicked specifically for their roles, experience and prowess in modernizing and building statewide education enterprise data systems throughout the country.

Our Origin Story

After becoming nationally recognized thought leaders in the K-12 education technology sector, Satish and Britto left the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and founded the EdWise Group in 2021. The duo focuses on providing EdTech consulting, Ed-Fi implementations of all sizes, moving organizations to the cloud and custom application development for education organizations.

Technology Partners