Education Technology

Unmatched EdTech Experience

With decades of award-winning EdTech experience in designing solutions to meet federal, state and local education technology needs, EdWise’s team has seen it all. Let EdWise navigate you through the choppy statutory waters of government projects, the unnecessary technical jargon from vendors and guide you through project management confusion so you can meet your deadlines and come in under budget.

Technology Simplified

EdWise specializes in simplifying technology in a cost-effective manner so government officials can make better policy, administrators can lead and educators can teach. Whether you need a one-time unbiased review of a technology project, a partner throughout the RFP process until the go-live date or a team to examine technology finances, EdWise can assist.

Whether you need insights on a multimillion-dollar student data system or a quick analysis of your charter network, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with EdWise today!