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Are you a state education agency, school system or charter network tasked with revamping a data system for potentially millions of students and don’t know where to start? Or do you just need to integrate with a third-party vendor, need vital data analytics to inform your policy or must custom-design a statutorily required application for your customers? 

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As pioneers in the student data and finance systems space, let EdWise take out the guesswork and remove the stress of figuring everything out on your own.

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As former executive team leaders at a state government agency and nationwide experience, EdWise’s team understands the complexities, frustrations and skill set needed to navigate the statutory waters of building large-scale student data systems for state education agencies, charter groups or local education entities throughout the country.

They say there are no shortcuts, but if you are a state, local or charter educational organization in need of creating a customized state-of-the-art software system at an affordable cost, look no further.

Whether it is a multimillion-dollar system or a small data project, EdWise has already done this work, so instead of reinventing the wheel, allow us to save you countless hours and dollars by teaming up!

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Charged with modernization all Arizona Department of Education’s data systems affecting students, teachers, state initiatives, federal programs and the agency as a whole, EdWise’s founders were the pioneers behind designing a solution with the Ed-Fi ODS/API at its forefront to collect the individual data of 1.2 million students from 667 LEAs across Arizona, as well as consolidate and map 170 separate applications to their corresponding services.

AzEDS, which was Arizona’s new student data system, officially launched in July 2016 and allowed Arizona to become the nation’s first-ever successful Ed-Fi ODS/API implementation utilizing a cloud platform at the level of a state education agency. The implementation has resulted in the state saving millions of dollars and countless hours in improved efficiency.

Applications and Systems

Frequently, organizations must quickly respond to statutory obligations or customer needs by constructing a custom-built system from scratch or integrating with a third-party vendor’s application. Fortunately, EdWise’s team has deep roots in both challenges. Having worked with both third-party vendors of its own choosing, as well as vendors it inherited, EdWise has partnered with vendors of all kinds to generate seamlessly integrated solutions for its customers.

If you are encountering a challenge that you think needs the deft touch that only EdWise’s team can offer from its innumerable experiences, contact us today!

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